Not Having Your Transmission Flushed By A Professional Can Cost You Thousands
Of Dollars Plus How To Save $10 On Your Transmission Flush Right Now

Your transmission is one of the most delicate parts of your vehicle. And it is one of the most costly things to replace besides the engine. Doesn’t it make sense to have someone flush your transmission fluid that is a transmission expert?

A Perfect Example Why You Would Want Us To Do Your Transmission Fluid Change.

We recently had a customer who had their vehicle towed to us. The transmission was completely ruined. It was going to cost well over $3,500 to put a new transmission into their vehicle.

You see, while they were at the “oil and lube” shop the technician told them they needed to have the transmission fluid changed. Not knowing any better this customer agreed to the flush. It was a little less expensive than coming to us so why not save a few bucks is what they told us they were thinking.

After the oil change and fluid flush they paid and started to head home. Driving just 5 miles the transmission seized up and it was toast.

What Did They Do Wrong?

Did they forget to add the fluid back? No
Did they forget to put the plug back in the pan? No
Did they use the wrong fluid? No

What they did do wrong was use the wrong filter.

Again not totally the “oil shops” fault. They used the filter that was recommended by the vehicles owner manual. The problem with this is that owner manuals are general in nature and do not cover every model types specific needs.

This particular vehicle needed a different filter than what was stated in the owners manual. But because they did everything by the book, literally, they had no liability. Which meant our customer had to pay out of pocket for a new transmission.

This Is Why You Should Use Us

We check, double check, even triple check everything that we are doing.
We specialize in transmissions and are aware of the little things that other shops are not.
We are part of a huge network of other transmission shops and network with them everyday.
On average we go through 40 hours of training every year.
Along with the flush we inspect the vehicle for things that could cause problems with your transmission.
We are all about life long relationships with our customers.

Save $10 On Your Transmission Fluid Flush

For our new customers we want to offer you $10 off your transmission flush. Our way of saying thank you for trying us out and us getting to meet you.

To get the $10 off just print out this page or just tell us you found us online. Simple as that.

If you have questions or would like to set an appointment give us a call at 541-535-8675
We look forward to meeting

P.S. We are located in Phoenix Oregon and we service customers in Medford, Ashland, Grants Pass, Central Point, White City, in other words all of Southern Oregon. But we also have lots of customers from the Oregon Coast and Northern California that come to us as well.