Transmission Repair and Service
Performed By True Transmission Experts
Plus How To Save $10 to $100 On Your Transmission
Service and Repairs

So you’ve got transmission problems and are looking for a transmission shop to service your vehicle.

Which one do I choose?
Do they really know what they are doing?
Are they going to take advantage of me?
Is it going to be expensive?

Those are all questions that are running through your head right now. And they are all good questions to be asking. In fact our customers tell us that those were the exact questions they were having before they brought their vehicle to us for transmission repair and service.

We want to be of assistance in help you choose who to call. We’ll help you answer those nagging questions you have rolling through your head.

Who should you choose?

You really have three options. Take your vehicle to the dealer, take it to a mechanic or take it to a transmission shop.

Getting your transmission worked on at the dealer is probably the most expensive option. However, their mechanics are probably familiar with the make and model of your vehicle. The down side is that they work on all parts of the vehicle not just the transmission.

A general mechanic is probably the worst option. They work on all types of vehicles. So their knowledge about your particular vehicles transmission is general at best and limited at worst.

You best bet is taking your vehicle to be worked on by a transmission shop. These techs specialize in transmissions. Granted they see a variety of makes and models of vehicles but they only work on the transmissions of these vehicles.

Do they know what they are doing?

Assuming you make the smart decision of taking your vehicle to a transmission repair shop there are two really quick ways to tell if they know what they are doing.

1.Ask if they are ASE certified. This certification requires that they pass tests and have a minimum of 2 year of experience.
2.Ask if they are an ATRA member. ATRA also requires certification.

We are both ASE and ATRA certified.

You can also ask about how much training they do each year. Technology is constantly changing and you need to stay up with these changes in order to service the vehicles in the best way possible.

On average we take about 40 hours of classes every year. We try and take as many classes as possible. Not only does this make our jobs easier but we make our customers happy by servicing their vehicles the right way the first time.

Will they take advantage of you?

As in any industry there are bad apples that will steal their customers blind all for the sake of a dollar. And it is those bad apples that have created a bad name for the automotive repair industry. Most of the small auto repair shops are run by hard working, honest and ethical people.

The only thing we can suggest for you is to review the transmission shops testimonials or even call around to auto repair shops and see who they recommend for transmission repairs. Plus another great way is to trust your gut instinct. Call transmission shops or stop by and visit them. If your gut tells you no, you have your answer.

As for us. Most of out business is referrals from other mechanics or our current customers. We have a 5 star review history in Google and we have testimonials here on the site.

Will it be expensive?

Who knows? We can often get a good idea what is wrong with your transmission by having a conversation with you over the phone. And based on that conversation give you an idea as to what it might cost. The same is true with other shops. But we won’t know for sure until we actually inspect the vehicle.

Often times when people are experiencing problems with their transmissions it is a simple fix. For example we just had a gentleman bring in his truck because he was having a hard time getting it into 3rd gear. He was expecting several hundred dollars in repairs. We were able to fix the problem in about 45 minutes by replacing a clip. It only cost $60 not the several hundred he was expecting.

What we can tell you is that not addressing transmission problems immediately will end up costing you more money in the long run. Simple problems fester quickly into major problems. If you are having any issues call us today.

Save $10 to $100 On Your Transmission Repair Or Service

For general service and repairs to your transmission including a transmission flush we would like to offer you a $10 discount. If you need a new transmission or your current transmission needs to be rebuilt we would like to offer you a $100 discount.

These discounts or coupons, what ever you want to call them, is our way of saying thank you for trying us out.

To claim your $10 off just print this page or tell us you found us online and we give you the credit. This offer is for first time customers only. Sorry.

To claim your $100 off for a transmission rebuild or a new transmission installation tell us you found us online or print out this page and bring it with you. This offer is for first time customers only. Sorry.

We are located in Phoenix Oregon and we service customers in Medford, Ashland, Grants Pass, Central Point, White City, basically all of Southern Oregon. But we also have lots of customers from the Oregon Coast and Northern California that come to us as well.