ASE Certified tranmission repair, medford, ashland, phoenix, talent, eagle point, white city, central pointFinding a good auto repair facility is always a concern, especially when the unexpected happens. One important thing to remember is to look for ASE Certification.

ASE-certified automotive technicians and other service professionals can be identified in several ways. The most obvious is to look for the ASE sign on the facility. Once inside, most establishments proudly display the ASE certificates earned by their technicians in their office or waiting room. Finally, the technicians may be wearing an ASE patch on the shoulder of their uniform.All ASE-certified professionals are proud of their achievement and are more than willing to show you their credentials.

ASE has years of experience helping the automotive industry verify the skills and knowledge of the technicians working at dealerships, independent repair shops, collision shops, franchises, fleets, and more. Car owners and the service and repair industry regard ASE certification as the standard measure of competency and a guide to quality auto repairs.

ASE has taken this responsibility one step further by offering a recognition opportunity for highly qualified repair facilities, which allows them to showcase their technicians and their commitment to excellence. It is called the Blue Seal of Excellence Recognition Program. The program’s emphasis is to identify establishments with a large percentage of ASE-certified professionals. It is a recognition program for businesses striving to be the best, and willing to prove their commitment.

ASE is an independent, non-profit organization that was established in 1972. ASE stands for Automotive Service Excellence. The sole purpose of this organization is to improve the quality of vehicle repairs and services by certifying professionals through testing.

The exams stress knowledge of job-related skills. The tests are no cinch to pass; in fact, usually only two out of every three test-takers pass on their first attempt. After passing at least one exam and providing proof of two years of relevant work experience, the test-taker becomes ASE certified. To remain certified, ASE-certified professionals must be retested every five years.

ASE has provided something that is truly a win for everyone. Consumers can feel confident that their vehicles are being worked on by a knowledgeable professional. And the repair shops receive the benefit of having consumers search for ASE certified repair shops and technicians.

We are proud to be ASE certified. We show off this certification by having the ASE certification applied to our work shirts, displaying the logo on our web site and having signage in our shop.